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Do you have a child who is struggling in school?  Wouldn't it be fantastic if you had someone who could lead you through the proper channels to help your child overcome these learning challenges?  A professional with years of experience who could hold your hand and guide you along the way?  Someone with a successful track record not only with her own child, but with  thousands of others as well?  Someone who could lead your child to learning success!

                                              Lisa Harp, the founder of Harp Learning  Institute, is just that person!  

An educator for over thirty years, Lisa understands that just getting home work done, often several hours worth, can be a battle that is difficult to win.  Emotions flare up, both with both parent and  child, often leading to a negative learning cycle.  This in turn, gives way to frustration, lack of self-esteem, and often loneliness on the student's part.  Sadly, this can interfere with learning success time and again.

Kids really want to do well in school!  To top it off, they naturally love to learn.  But sadly, some children have learning blocks that interfere with academic success.  Even though they try their hardest, they can't seem to pull the grades.  Often they are retained and left feeling terrible about themselves.  Even worse, they hate the disappointment on their parent's faces when report cards come.  Parent teacher conferences can send a struggling learner into a tailspin.  

It seems like you need a degree in education just to help your child get through a school day any more!  If you have a struggling learner, always remember that something deeper is going on!  It could be dyslexia or any other combination of learning differences.  Most likely, your child is indeed bright but is just missing  some crucial gaps in his or her learning foundation in order to reach learning success.

Don't give up hope!

The highly successful Harp Learning Institute learning centers have helped thousands of students reach grade level achievement, and  more with Lisa Harp's cutting edge, science driven, 5-Step  Learning Success System.  

Now, this very  Learning Success System is available to you.  It is a simple, do-at-home system that will show you how discover the core learning problems that your child might have and help your child overcome these learning struggles by filling  in gaps in his or her learning foundation.   There are more than 20 key components that your child will master in the Harp Learning Institute's home Learning Success System.  

All this really means is that there is a weakness or learning gap that gets in the way of learning success.  Once you start your child on the easy to use home learning course, you will quickly find the weaknesses that your child exhibits and be given the tools to fill them in.  Babies are not hard-wired at birth for every activity.  That is why you can go back and fill in any lapses in your child's learning foundation.  

We do it every day at the Harp Learning Institute Learning centers, and have been doing so for over 15 years!  
The good news?  Now you can bring learning success to your child at a fraction of the cost of tutoring or other expensive intervention programs.  

​​The Harp Learning Success System:

                                 The Science Behind The Harp Learning Success System:

 With our system, your child will learn simple exercises that strengthen leaning skills and actually build new neural pathways in the brain.  Modern scientific discoveries have provided us with the methodology of overcoming learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, and even Austism Spectrum Disorder. But, without a real educator who has the knowledge and experience to combine science with education, you won't receive the results you need.  Lisa Harp is that very person.  With over 30 years of experience, she has been able to systematically build the Harp Learning Success System so no child has to suffer a day in school due to learning disabilities.

This, in turn, relates to better grades and a happier student.  Imagine the smile on your child's face when honor roll grades are reached or your child is exited from an IEP!  

Lisa knows that children naturally love to learn!  She first researched the Learning Success System when her own son was struggling with dylexia, ADD, and a severe auditory processing disorder.  After using her Learning Success System with him daily for a year, he was an honor roll student!

Lisa Harp, an educator for over 30 years now offers the Learning Success System for you to use at home! Lisa is the founder of Harp Learning Institute and has made her award winning learning success system available to parents who want to help their children overcome learning disabilities and differences step-by-step with the necessary guidance needed to take a struggling student to an honor roll student.

Often, parents think that their children will just "outgrow" a learning difference.  But without proper intervention, these students are left with failing grades, low self-esteem, and a multitude of other problems that coincide with learning disabilities.



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Intensive system with professional guidance. This plan includes a learning evaluation, individualized learning plan,over 32 skills and a professional assigned specifically to your child. When the student passes each test, a professional examines it and then provides a new learning plan.  Students works at their own pace until mastery is achieved!

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on programs that don't work, set up by non-professionals who don't have any experience working with special needs students.  You don't have to try to get help from a school system that is already overloaded and isn't able to help your child, no matter how sincere the intentions may be.

By using the simple, easy to use activities with your child, academic success follows.  In as little as 20 to 30 minutes per day you will help your child overcome learning difficulties. It is only logical to have you work with your own child.  After all, there is no one who knows your child better than you. That means with the right tools you will quickly get to the core of the program.  

The Harp Learning Success System is the first step in getting your child back on track academically as well as in life.  When a child succeeds at school, self-confidence follows.

Delivered by email, you will receive regular downloadable lessons that teach your child skills mastery.  The best part?  It's at your child's own pace.   It's so simple.  All you have to do is download the time-tested and proven exercises that have been used at the Harp Learning Institute learning centers for years. Then, simply print them out or have your child use your computer screen to perform the various activities. 

All it takes is 20 to 30 minutes per day and your child will be on the path to learning success.  the exercises 

Go ahead and get started now. Get your child on the path to getting great grades and success in school.

Here's the first step to learning success!  Pick a package that meets your child's needs. Click on the order link below. That will take you to our secure order page. We use the highest level of security possible on our secure order page.  Then, sit back and watch your child soar to academic success!

"Lisa Harp has invented a way that revolutions knowledge and skill components of learning for each and every child so they can be taught the way they learn, not the other way around.   All too often, teachers are stuck with a one-size-fits-all template that is both inflexible and ineffective. Lisa Harp has offered us all a way to find a renewed commitment to higher expectations for all students.  Through Ms. Harp's field-tested methodologies, based on years of successful experience, special-needs students have found a way back into educations' mainstream.  Just as importantly, so-called regular students have found a way to excel and go from C's and B's to A's and authentic mastery." ~Dr. Robert K. Closson, M.B.A., Ed.D.


​     one time payment


​  one time payment

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 6 Level System

Quick start, basic skills for students who are not yet a         year behind.             Excellent for           young learners!

"This system is excellent!  My daughter had reading problems which caused her to repeat 
fourth grade.  We tried Sylvan Learning Center, vision therapy, and school intervention programs, they they didn't get the results that we got with this program, but they didn't get the results that we got with this program."  ~Connie Marston, Kindergarten teacher .


   Intensive System

  Professional Guidance


   For students who are   more than a year behind             or have an IEP.

 Twelve levels of  comprehensive skills  that help students  overcome learning  problems such as  dyslexia, dyscalculia,  dysgraphia, reading  disorders.  Over 20  skills will be mastered  to fill in learning  gaps!  Students work

 at their own pace.

Least intensive system with six levels of skills. Great for those without learning disabilities or young students who just need a brush-up! Students work at their own pace.  Covers basic skills to help students with spatial skills, eye/hand coordination, visual processing and auditory processing skills. Students work at their own pace.


​     ( per month)

     Best Seller!

12 Level System

Comprehensive and in-depth skills for students who need extended help and     are at least a year              behind.       

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